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Ann Higgins

An American artist of extraordinary ability

Ann Higgins has been teaching art and painting in the Catskills of New York for many years. Her work includes watercolors, pastels, pen-and-ink drawings and miniatures.

After graduation from Rhode Island School of Design, she married and moved to New York. Later she completed graduate work at State University of New York. She has studied  with John Pike, Albert Handell and Ilya Bolotowsky, among other internationally-recognized artists.

While raising four children, Ann taught others' children for 20 years in Elementary Art classes. Today, while largely retired from active education, she still sometimes teaches for the Catskill Art Society and privately.

Ann exhibits regularly with the Catskill Art Society, the Orange County Watercolor Society and the five national Miniature Art Societies. She has won awards in regional, national and international exibits, and displays her work in both group and individual shows whenever her schedule allows.

Today, her work can be seen at Beck Gallery, Hurleyville, NY; Gallery 30 in Gettysburg, PA;  in various public and private collections; and at her own New York State studio.

Ann's work, which includes note cards and signed reproductions, tends to be representational with a strong basis in abstract patterns. She likes to portray qualities of light and draws inspiration from the woods and mountains surrounding her studio.

She weaves textures, colors and lines into works of unusual distinction, such as her  beautiful  "Starflower," a compilation of minute lines and bold colors alike. Her landscapes exhibit rich details and exquisite colors. Ann's still life works are unequalled in their devotion to the bringing out the hidden qualities of flower and vase. And her whimsical cats, frogs and birds--among other creatures--are without compare.

For those who desire more information about the distinct work of this exceptional artist, send an e-mail note to sundownstudio@yahoo.com.

You can also call Ann Higgins at (845) 985-2814,
or write to her at 34 Walker Road, Grahamsville,
New York, NY 12740